Friday, May 2, 2014

Just Add Ink 213

Needing a bit of inspiration? Check out the pretty picture from at Just Add Ink this week, take what you like from it and create!

Here's the card I made. Something *very* simple and quite easily done with whatever scraps you have lying around. I cut my 1 1/4" punch squares into quarters and jumbled up the colours to make the heart. This would translate well to a different size (for scrap booking or gift wrapping??) simply by using bigger or smaller triangles. 

Susan Wong. Geometric heart thank you card.

Post-post ramblings...

Let's be real - even seasoned crafters get 'crafter's block'. Any good card I've made lately seems to be the second or third attempt. So frustrating! Here's an attempt at the challenge I did earlier and wasn't 100% happy with mostly because I was going for 'geometric' and ended up with 'mosaic'. What seems to get me back in the flow is a scrapping layout where I can easily draw on the photos for colours and 'feel'. How do you get your juices going?

Susan Wong. Mosaic Heart Card.

The heart was time consuming -  all hand drawn and cut.


  1. You are so clever, I so love these cards, especially the top one

  2. Clean, simple, clever and effective! Sometimes less IS more and you've shown that beautifully here Susan....I love your interpretation! xx

  3. Susan this is such a fantastic idea - I love it!!

  4. I love your "out of the box" thinking, Susan. Very clever!

  5. Susan I like how you have shown this photo can be intrepreted in different ways. Love your geometric pattern and a great way to use up leftover supplies. It is always interesting to here how others get over their 'creative block' as we all experience it from time to time.

  6. Absolutely love the '2nd attempt' card, its fantastically graphic and modern. And thanks so much for showing your first card. I thought I was the only one that had 'crafting block', and have had 2 cards lately that really stumped me. Your 2nd card really shows that if you have a break from it and try again, you can come up with a winner!

  7. Your geometric heart is just stunning Susan! Very cool idea. x